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HuiMei building 汇美大厦 tianhe area
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Office Lease
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Special Offers : RMB 25380
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Description and location of rental housing
Description:Rent:141rmb/ sqm management fee:15rmb/sqm HuiMei building will the American suburb of independent headquarters office building, moved to the metropolis of CBD, vertical development as an independent, enjoy the air garden and independent of the air conditioning system ecological environmental protection office building for the success of the large and medium-sized enterprises to provide a convenient transportation and beautiful environment, air circulation, independent and free of the office environment, HuiMei building is the writer and a unique beauty which the big door model building, assemble the courage, wisdom and wealth. HuiMei building/building standards; Each unit independent configuration two sets of original "jin" * * VRV-the new Ⅲ changes in temperature frequency conversion of central air conditioning unit, office install the unit in place, the host system copper pipe installation to 2 meters indoor; HuiMei building each office unit with two sets of advanced independent "Watson" total heat exchangers The existing HuiMei building rent area: 808 square meters, 1600 square meters and 2400 square meters to choose from.
NO.3,JinSui Road,zhujiang new town ,tianhe area

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